Mathias no longer works for Örebro University. These pages are kept for archive purposes only.

The Ecologies of Physically Embedded Intelligent Systems Project

The concept of Ecology of Physically Embedded Intelligent Systems, or PEIS-ecology, combines insights from the fields of ubiquitous robotics and ambient intelligence to provide a new solution to building intelligent robots in the service of people. While this concept provides great potential, it also presents a number of new scientific challenges. Within this project we investigate this concept and develop solutions to specific problems as well as implements a general reference architecture and testbed.

My involvement in this project is one of the original proponents and currently manages the technical development of the project. This project has developed a number of software in order to achive both specific functionalities in the Ecology as well as the neccessary middleware softwares and tools for representing, manipulating and using semantic information about available functionalities. These softwares and all developed techniques are planned to be published under an OpenSource licence (LGPL) and will be posted here when the first public release is ready (december 2006).

For a more complete information about this project see the pages at github: PEIS Ecology . You can also see the PEIS Project webpage at AASS.

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